Our Leadership Team

2022 National Board Directors

  • Sang Kim (Chairperson)
  • Jay Lee (Vice Chairperson & Organization Committee Co-Chair)
  • Hyun J. Nam (Treasurer)
  • Alex Lee (Secretary)
  • Michelle Cho (Executive Director)
  • Edward Chun (Scholarship Committee Chair)
  • Leonard Kim (Nomination Committee Chair & Past NB Chair)
  • Henry Choi (Investment Committee Chair)
  • Frank Lee (Organization Committee Co-Chair & Past NB Chair)
  • Sungsu John Kang (Fundraising Committee Chair & Honorary Board Representative)
  • Gimin Kim (Program Committee Chair)
  • Sang Nam Lee (Past NB Chair)
  • Sandy Chang (President of ERC)
  • Elizabeth Kim (Treasurer of ERC)
  • Philip Yun (President of MSRC)
  • In-Kyung Chung (Treasurer of MSRC)
  • Jane Lee-Kwon (President of MWRC)
  • Tomas Ritter (Treasurer of MWRC)
  • Hyun Joo Lee (President of NERC)
  • Christine Kim (Treasurer of NERC)
  • Mikyong Hahm (President of SRC)
  • Young Jin Lee (Treasurer of SRC)
  • Don Lee (President of SWRC)
  • Sung Ae Kwon (Treasurer of SWRC)
  • Eric Choi (President of WRC)
  • Gloria Lee (Treasurer of WRC)

Chairperson Since 1989

Original Foundation was in Washington D.C. until 1989
2021-2022Sang Kim, ERC
2019–2020Frank Lee, WRC
2016–2018Leonard Kim, ERC
2012–2013Sang Nam Lee, ERC
2010–2011Chung Hun Lee, SRC
2008–2009Khee Park, WRC
2006–2007K. Hongja Okim, ERC
2004–2005Il Chu Choi, MWRC
2002–2003Moon Song Oh, WRC
2000–2001Yoon Soo Park, ERC
1998–1999Yong Kun Kim, SRC
1996–1997Chunho Kim, ERC
1994–1995Keith S. Kim, WRC
1992–1993Young Whan Park, ERC
1989–1991Ung Soo Kim, ERC
1988–1989Choon Taik Suh
1986–1987Young Whan Park
1983–1985Ung Soo Kim
1981–1982Wha Young Chun
1977–1980Yo Taik Song
1974–1976John D. Yun
1969–1973Walter K. Park