Here are our generous donors for the “50 for 50” campaign up to date;

(Alphabetical order by last name)

50 for 50 Pledgers
Sandy & Young Ho Chang
Catherine Choi
Diana Choi
Orlo & Leehyang Ellison*
Christine Kang
Sungsu John & Sydney Heakyung Kang
Dow Kim
Leonard & Kyung Shin Kim
Robin Hwajin Yoon Kim*
Sang & Sanghee Elizabeth Kim
Frank & Aekyung Lee
Hyun Su Lee
James & Anne Lee
Sang Nam & Whayoung Cho Lee*
Jay Lee & Gus Lippman*
Dr. Yoonsoo & Dju H. Park
Young Whan & Sun Kyung Park
Sun Shin, PhD & Christina Shin