KASF National Board is pleased to announce recent commitment of $250,000 from Mr. Tae Jin Kwon, first president of NERC.

Mr. Kwon announced at the NERC director’s meeting in Jan 15, that he would donate $50,000 yearly for five years. This year, out of his 1st installment, $30,000 will go to NERC and the other $20,000 will be available for use by other regions. This is in addition to the Chair Scholarships he had previously established for NERC in 2001 and 2008. For his continued dedication and commitment to KASF, he was awarded KASF NB Lifetime Service Award earlier this year

In September 2018, Mr. Kwon helped to establish the Mountain State Regional Chapter (MSRC), which includes five states, and he donated $25,000, 1st Chair Scholarship to this newly founded chapter. Mr. Kwon lived in Denver for 17 years before he came to New York 30 years ago.

Mr. Kwon majored law in Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, Korea and he received his J.D in Ohio Northern University Law School. By the time of retirement as an attorney, he attended New Brunswick Theological Seminary. After he was ordained as priest by the Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad in 2008, he served as a publisher of the Christian magazine, 빛과 사랑 until May, 2018. During his tenure of publisher he has traveled many countries, including some of African countries to help Korean missionaries in the areas.

Mr. Kwon currently lives in New York with his wife and has two sons and one daughter.