$100,000 Donation from the Robin-Hwajin Yoon Kim Foundation

The Korean American Scholarship Foundation (KASF) is pleased to announce a $100,000 gift from the Robin-Hwajin Yoon Kim Foundation to establish four Chair Scholarships to be awarded to four students from the Western Region. The donation will be used to annually award $4,000 to deserving students in perpetuity. This gift is in addition to another $50,000 donation that was made by the Robin-Hwajin Yoon Kim Foundation to launch the “50 for 50” capital contribution campaign in early 2019.

Ms. Kim stated “the reason I am establishing the four chair scholarships is that I believe in the value of learning and higher education which creates the invaluable spectrum of opportunity in a person’s life. If donors are able to help by establishing chair scholarships or through the “50 for 50″ campaign, then it would be a wonderful gift to our younger generation in their pursuit for seeking higher educational opportunities, and later, to contribute to society with their acquired knowledge and skills”.

On behalf of the KASF National Board of Directors, KASF is honored to have the Robin-Hwajin Yoon Kim Foundation create four Chair Scholarships. “These four Chair Scholarships will give students encouragement to pursue their dreams.  The scholarships will convey to the students that there are Korean-American donors and parents who are willing to lend a helping hand and motivate the students to push themselves harder to succeed in realizing their dreams.  The students will hopefully one day “pay it forward” by joining KASF and/or making donations to worthy causes which will continue this virtuous cycle of giving,” said Mr. Frank Lee, KASF National Board Chairman.