Chairperson Sang Kim's Message


On behalf of the Korean American Scholarship Foundation (KASF) National Board (NB), I would like to welcome you to the KASF website.

Over the past 50 years, KASF has been at hard work fulfilling its mission of providing scholarships to outstanding students – granting over $11M of financial aid to nearly 7,000 scholars across the United States. Its endowment has reached $5 million, and it continues to grow. As we reflect upon this organization’s achievements, I would be remiss if I did not thank our national and regional directors, volunteers, donors, and supporters, all of whom have selflessly dedicated their time and resources toward the success of KASF. Their generosity and hard work are what make KASF what it is today. I also would like to recognize our predecessors’ vision and leadership, which have enabled KASF to be a truly model transgenerational organization in the broader Korean American community.

This past year, even amid the unprecedented pandemic, KASF has witnessed one of the most transformative years in its history. Not only has KASF hired a paid Executive Director to manage a growing list of day-to-day operations, KASF has also realigned legal and accounting structures necessary for the organization to grow as well as efficiently operate amongst seven regional chapters. In order to reach a larger audience through digital mediums, KASF’s online presence has been enhanced through a new upgraded website and amplified through social media communications. Most of the KASF scholarship application process is now automated, and the evaluation process has become more streamlined. Much of this work, along with other initiatives, will continue through the new year as I begin to serve my term as Chairman of this organization.

I am truly honored to serve the Chairmanship and grateful for the opportunity. Each year with this group of generous and inspiring members and students alike make me excited about the potential for KASF. KASF is a melting pot of generations of Korean Americans, each group bringing a unique set of talents to improve, empower, and achieve higher levels of success for the mission of the organization. I invite all of you to join us in this endeavor.

Thank you, and wishing good health for you and yours,

Sang Kim

KASF NB Chairperson