“50 for 50” Fundraiser

Dear KASF Supporters:

As you may have heard, KASF has received a large gift from an anonymous donor earlier this year in time to celebrate our upcoming 50th anniversary. To continue this momentum and for us to help our organization in a meaningful way, we are planning a special fundraising campaign called “50 for 50” program. To celebrate this important milestone, we are asking 50 of our board members and friends of KASF to pledge a gift of $50k (or more) in their will. Since this is a gift that will be made to KASF upon his/her/their passing, this is a pledge of your intent, not a commitment to donate today. As such, we hope that this campaign will be attractive to a wider donor base, with or without an estate plan today. With this campaign, we will add at least $2.5M to our endowment fund that will provide a solid foundation for KASF’s future operation.

One of the greatest strengths of our organization is the “passion” of our board members and donors. Like many of you, we feel that our lives have been enriched by volunteering for this organization and the friendship we have built over the years with our community and this final gift to KASF as we pass will be a small token of our “thanks” to KASF. We hope that many of our board members and donors will join in this campaign as a way to celebrate KASF’s 50th anniversary in a truly meaningful way.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

— KASF NB Fundraising Chair

Our Wonderful Donation Pledgees:

Sandy & Young Ho Chang
Catherine Choi
Diana Choi
Orlo & Leehyang Ellison
Christine Kang
Sungsu John & Sydney Heakyung Kang
Dow Kim
Leonard & Kyung Shin Kim
Robin Hwajin Yoon Kim
Sang & Sanghee Elizabeth Kim
Frank & Aekyung Lee
Hyun Su Lee
James & Anne Lee
Sang Nam & Whayoung Cho Lee
Jay Lee & Gus Lippman
Dr. Yoonsoo & Dju H. Park
Young Whan & Sun Kyung Park
Sun Shin, PhD & Christina Shin 

* Indicates donors that have fulfilled their pledges


There is no need to change anything. Just let us know and we will list your name in our program. Although we respect your privacy, we also believe it’s helpful for KASF to include all of those who are supporting KASF to encourage like-minded board members and donors to also participate in this program. Also, if you have assigned more than $50k in your will, we would like to thank you for your additional gift. Obviously, the gift is very personal and we appreciate any amount that is comfortable to our donors.

If possible, we would like this gift to be unrestricted so that our endowment can be used to support various activities that are important to expand our capabilities such as mentoring programs, hiring staff to build up our fundraising capabilities, etc. That said, we will accept your specific designation if you would like to do so. For those who are contributing to the unrestricted fund we will recognize your contribution as such and add your name as donors for our KASF general scholarships.