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testimonial1.jpgI am thankful for organizations such as this Foundation to help contribute to our growth. I feel it is important to contribute back to a community that has nourished that growth. We are Korean-Americans, must realize the importance of our heritage and our contribution to the future.

     - Sandie E. Kim, Scholarship Recipient

I am very proud to be of mixed Korean descent and that it is organizations like KASF that make it possible for Korean American students to pursue their educational goals and to succeed at them with pride.

     - Marlene M. Clarke, Scholarship Recipient

My son had the opportunity to receive a scholarship from the Korean American Scholarship Foundation last year. I happened to learn about the Foundation through a friend, my son applied and he was selected as one of the scholarship recipients. On the day of the scholarship awards dinner I was able to see those who had supported and donated to the Korean American Scholarship Foundation. As I watched those Korean Americans who have already become successful in their own fields pass on their success to others through their generous donations, I was deeply moved and hoped that in the near future my son too would be able to support such a great foundation in helping the next generation of Korean American leaders. As we were driving home, I shared some of my thoughts and surprisingly, he had also thought the same thing. I think the things that he saw and felt that day became a good motivator for him to strive harder at school as well as in other areas of his life. Additionally, the scholarship led to another great opportunity for him as he was able to secure an internship at a large company for the summer.

I think these opportunities provided even more confidence and sense of calling for my son. Even though he has only finished two years of college, having witnessed great role models who have succeeded in the mainstream and paving the way for the next generation of Korean American leaders, he will be able to carry that baton even further. I’m so grateful for the Korean American Scholarship Foundation, for pouring out support to help those in the 1.5 and 2nd generation like my son, who can bridge the gap between the Korean community and the mainstream, as well as act as a bridge between the 1st and 3rd generation in the near future. I’m also grateful for the Foundation for giving my son an opportunity to learn more about the Korean American community in the Washington, DC, area so he could have a stronger sense of belonging to the community at large.

     - Richie's mom, Ellicott City



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