2018 KASF Press Release

Korean American Scholarship Foundation Press Release

KASF National Board is pleased to announce a recent contribution of $100,000 from Mr. Keith Soon Kim. With this donation, he wants to create four new Chair Scholarships (Mr. & Mrs. Keith Soon Kim Chair Scholarships): 2 in WRC, 1 in ERC, and 1 in MWRC. This is in addition to the Chair Scholarship he had previously established for WRC in 1987. Mr. Kim served as the first President of WRC for six years and the third Chair of KASF NB from 1994-1995. For his continued dedication and commitment to KASF, he was awarded KASF NB Lifetime Service Award earlier this year. 

Please join me in thanking Mr. Kim for his life time dedication and his generous gift to KASF. Below is his personal statement about his donation:

​"I am proud to be a member of the Korean American Scholarship Foundation. Scholarship is one of the best ways to help young students with financial need to reach their potential to create better future for this country"


About KASF - www.kasf.org:

KASF is a non-profit organization established to help meet the financial needs of Korean-American students seeking higher education. Founded in 1969 by a small group of concerned Korean American community leaders in Washington, D.C., KASF began as a local organization and subsequently became a national organization in 1989 to meet the ever-increasing demand for the growing Korean American community.  Today, KASF has seven regional chapters in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and Denver.