Investment Committee

Role Name Region Responsibilities
Chair Yoon Soo Park ERC - Overall responsibilities of the committee members
Vice Chair Henry Choi ERC - Perform the duty of chair in his absence
- Oversee overall committee plans and activities
Sr. Advisor Young Whan Park ERC - Provide guidance and recommendations to the committee and chair
- Liaison between the committee members and chair/NB
Portfolio Committee Chair James Chung NERC - Responsible for managing the overall portfolio related activities
- Direct and manage portfolio subcommittee plans and actions
General Secretary Eric Choi/
Michelle Cho
WRC - Capture reports of all committee activities including follow up on actions
- Support the Chairman Annual report
- Organize/support committee meetings
Portfolio Manager James Chung/
Sam Hong
- Asset allocation and performance review (monthly statement)
- Interfacing directly with the adviser(s) to discuss the performance
IPS Review Dongwook Lim SRC - Monitor the investment based on the IPS
- Review and suggest changes to the IPS as necessary
Distribution Review Hoggie Kim SWRC - Review annual disbursement policy and make a recommendation
- Review and suggest changes to distribution policy as necessary
Investment Advisor Review HJ Nam NERC - Compare the investment return against peers
- Conduct diligent on adviser(s) and recommend changes as necessary