Chairman’s Message

From the humble beginning of a few caring and visionary Korean American immigrants to take actions to help our students 46 years ago, the Korean American Scholarship Foundation is proud to begin it’s 47th year with a dedicated group of long-time and new board of directors and volunteers. Last year, through our six regional chapters across the United States, we have awarded over $470,000 to 277 students. We could not have accomplish this without the dedication of our generous donors and personal dedication of our board of directors and volunteers.

Today our organization is faced with many difficult challenges. Many of our potential donors are facing difficult business environment; students are struggling with ever increasing tuition costs and tightening job market; our endowment base is suffering from volatile market; and our leadership is in the midst of transiting to the next generation leadership.

However, as we face these challenges, I am comforted in knowing that we have a great team of leadership that span multiple generations that have proven over the history of this organizations to have overcome many difficult challenges. With the wisdom of our experienced leaders and the energy of our next generation leaders, I believe our organization is well positioned to continue our legacy of helping our students obtain higher education.

Despite these challenges, we are proud of the fact that our organization continues to be recognized as one of the most trusted and progressive organizations in our community. We will continue to value this reputation and this year, our board will focus on strengthening our foundation to truly become the model for other community organizations.

To our donors and volunteers, I would like to express our sincerest “thank you” on behalf of the board of directors of KASF for your generosity and dedication and to our board of directors, I ask for your continued dedication to make this organization best that it can be.

Thank you,
Leonard Kim
Chair, KASF National Board (2016-2017)