About Us

The Korean American Scholarship Foundation (KASF) is a non-profit, volunteer-managed organization established to help meet the financial needs of Korean-American students seeking higher education. Specifically, the foundation seeks to:

  1. Assist Korean American students in pursuit of academic and personal achievement,
  2. Encourage community and civic service as an integral part of leadership development, and
  3. Nurture the sense of pride and confidence in Korean cultural heritage and tradition.

Founded in 1969 by a small group of concerned Korean American community leaders in Washington, D.C., KASF began as a local organization with limited focus and funding resources. However, with the dramatic growth of Korean immigrant communities in the U.S. and ever increasing need for financial aids for Korean American students, KASF became a national organization in 1989. While headquartered in Washington D.C., KASF has six regional chapters in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Houston (see states that are covered by each regional chapters). While all regional chapters operate under a single KASF bylaws, each chapter operates independently to raise funds, manage educational/cultural programs, and to award scholarships.

The KASF scholarships are funded by three major sources of funds:

  1. Chair Scholarships - Funded from the investment income from the KASF scholarship endowment pool.
  2. Designated Scholarships - Funded by donors on an annual basis.
  3. General Scholarships - Funded by income from fund raising activities (e.g., Concerts, Golf Tournaments, Banquets, etc.) and contributions from the Board of Directors from each region.

The foundation is operated 100% by its Board of Directors and volunteers and its operating expenses are funded by incomes from membership dues and local fund raising activities. In addition to their voluntary work for the KASF, many of our Board of Directors are also scholarship donors.

KASF scholarships (which range from $500 to $5,000) are offered to the qualified Korea American students (and to non-Korean students if funds are available) who are enrolled in a full time program in the U.S and cover the following.:

  1. High School Students - Based on special talents (i.e., winner of musical competition)
  2. College
  3. Graduate School
  4. Professional Schools (Law, Medical, etc.)

Our applicants are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Financial Need
  2. Scholastic Achievement
  3. Recommendations
  4. Essay
  5. Community Service/Extracurricular Activities

To apply for KASF scholarships, it is very important to follow the specific requirements and instructions of the region where the applicant's school is/will be located during the scholarship application year.

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